Tool & Die

We will produce a die to fit your needs, using your plans. Our tool-room is complete with Bridgeport Mills, lathes, surface grinders and a jig grinder. We can also make vacuum form molds and accessories.


After your parts are fabricated, stamped and welded we will assemble them to your specifications. We can use press fit assembly, fixture assemblies for multiples, or we can manually assemble your components, box them and ship them to you...ready to go!


Our presses range from 2 ton capacity to 110 tons. We can stamp metals from .001" thick to .375" thick. We will run progressive dies, blanking dies, forming dies, and assembly dies. Our production runs range from 50 pieces to 250,000 per month. We can run parts either in an automatic press with material feed or in manual mode, feeding one blank at a time. We run parts that are as small as a dime, to the size of a large pizza. We can also run bi-metal, brass, copper, zinc plate, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium to various thicknesses.

CNC Machining

The CNC machining that you need...4-axis milling capabilities with several Haas machining centers with up to 21 different tools. We also have Haas turning centers with up to 10 tool changes, to fit your needs. Our mills can handle pieces 18" W x 40" L x 22" H. We can also fixture for multiple parts machining. A rotary head can be added to any of our mills to give it 4-th axis capability. Our turning centers can handle pieces up to 8" diameter by 24" in length. We also have bar feeding capabilities for long run production of same turned parts.


We offer "in house" surface and jig grinding. We can surface grind up to a 12" x 18" flat plate, and can fixture or block to do multiple parts at once. We have grinding for die parts and production parts. We can jig grind for die sections, as well as bores and dowels in tooling plates or machine details.


Mid-Tech Inc. offers a variety of welding services. We can TIG weld one or two parts or fixture to run hundreds to thousands of pieces. MIG welding is also offered for spot welding or for any other apllication that arises. Our experienced craftsmen can weld machine details, assemblies, frames and bases to fit your needs.


Mid-Tech Inc. has three types of saws to serve you: First, a fully automatic Amada Cut-off saw with 12" diameter capacity and auto feed, accurately running from one to thousands of pieces, saving time and materials. Second, a roll-in type saw for tool & die making as well as small prototype runs and machine detail parts. We also have a band saw for thin metals and fine cuts for prototype parts.


SURFCAM / SolidWorks - This is a CAD/CAM system that organizes processes and utilizes cutting edge technology for programming 2-3-4 and 5 axis machining and turning centers. It also provides a comptetitive edge and a positive communication channel for our customers, allowing us to deliver quality parts at a reasonable price.

Mid-Tech Tool Chest

Type Manufacturer Model / Size / Description
Mill Bridgeport Standard w/DRO
Bridgeport 2-Axis - CNC
Haas VFO - CNC
Haas VF3 - CNC (2)
Haas VF-1
Haas VF-2
Haas VF-5
Haas Mini Mill
Grinder Chevellar Surface - 6x18 Table
Boyer-Schultz Surface - 5 1/2 x 10 1/2
Moore #2 Jig
Delta Shop-Snag
Acer 12 x 24 Auto
Lathe Cincinatti 19" Swing
Clausing 12" w/collet/DRO
Bridgeport E-Z Path CNC
Turning Center Haas HL-2 CNC
Haas HL-1 CNC
Hone Sunnen MBB-1650
Saw AMADA HD-250
Roll-in Band
Delta Band
Sander Delta 6" Belt
Sandblaster Trinco 24" x 36"
Type Manufacturer Model / Size / Description
Punch Press Alva Allen BT-12 - 12 Ton - 2 3/4" Stroke
Bliss 32 Ton - 4" Stroke
Johnson 60 Ton - 3 /12" Stroke
Bliss #20P - 3 1/2" Stroke
Lashbrough-Jordan 3 1/2" Stroke
Bliss 30 Ton - 3" Stroke
Blow #4 - 32 Ton - 3" Stroke
Bliss Double Ram - 3 3/4" Stroke
Bliss 60 Ton - 2 1/2" Stroke
Benchmaster Model 81 - 1" Stroke
Framco 1 Ton
Hydraulic Press Dennison 12 Ton Multipress
Welder Airco Mig-250 Amp - Wire Feed
Airco Tig - 250 Amp
Lincoln Tig - 300 Amp
Forklift Clark Clark 5000#
Clark Clark 2000#
Test Equipment Shadow Graph Micro VU M-12
Acco Rockwell Tester
Software Surfware SURFCAM / Solidworks

About Us

Mid-Tech Inc. utilizes SURFCAM and SolidWorks to produce prototype and production parts for all of your business needs


Mid-Tech, Inc.
175 Dino Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 426-4327

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Gary W. Jedele, President

David W. Rogers, Vice President